What is the deadline for delivery of finished photos?

The deadline for submitting photos is a maximum of 72 hours from the end of the photo shoot.

How long does photography take?

The duration depends on the readiness of the property. If you have previously arranged the property, then for example for a house with a swimming pool, the photo session lasts about an hour.

How much do I have to book in advance for photography?

During the summer season it is necessary to make an appointment at least a week in advance. Out of season, 3-4 days in advance is usually enough.

Do you have instructions for preparing accommodation before taking photos?

We have prepared short instructions for the preparation of the facility that we can send you when you decide on an appointment.

How are photos submitted ?

Photos are submitted by uploading to google drive folder and sharing the link by e-mail to your address. Photos can then be viewed, shared and downloaded to your devices indefinitely.

Is it possible to insert a pool, erase cables, or green the grass in photos?

It's possible. Prices depend on the content to be added and the number of photos to be sorted.